Varsity Monitor is the most efficient and comprehensive social media monitoring solution for teams, athletic departments, and professional organizations. Our clients includes some the largest and highest profile athletic organizations in the country.

Varsity Monitor respects student athlete privacy and is compliant with all state legislation.

Varsity Monitor works. When used in conjunction with social media education, Varsity Monitor clients have seen significant and consistent reductions in social media misuse by coaches and athletes. Download our free Social Media Playbook, the definite guide to athletes and social media, here.

Varsity Monitor Benefits Include:

For Athletic Departments / Teams / Professional Organizations

  • Varsity Monitor’s service provides a highly efficient mechanism to monitor social media, providing significant time savings vs. both manual spot checking and other monitoring programs. Our service only takes minutes per day, with no software administration.
  • Full image monitoring – only Varsity Monitor provides monitoring of all images posted by athletes, to ensure complete coverage of all posted content.
  • No false alerts – Varsity Monitor’s proprietary process ensures that our alerts are accurate, and do not include false alerts, eliminating time wasted reviewing inaccurate results.
  • Monitor friend connections and conversations, ensuring that agents, boosters and local business people aren’t communicating with and compromising your student athletes.
  • 3rd party content – we pioneered the concept of monitoring what is being said about your athletes, to provide a full 360 degree view into the online behavior.
  • Identification of positive posts, content being made by your student athletes for use in marketing and fan engagement efforts.
  • Public only or enhanced monitoring. We customize our solution to meet your needs.
  • Coaches can evaluate a recruit before a scholarship offer is made, looking at up to 4 years of social media history.

For Parents/ High School Athletes

  • Varsity Monitor provides detailed social media report cards and ongoing monitoring to help minimize issues during the recruiting process.
  • Identify key ways to maximize your exposure during the recruiting process using social media.
  • Provide education to understand the best ways to use social media.

For Social Media Education, we are on the NCAA approved speaker list and often provide on-site education or customized presentation along with our monitoring solution.

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