Varsity Monitor

We monitor student athlete social media accounts for compliance, reputation & student integrity so you can do your job with peace of mind.

Varsity Monitor

We monitor student athlete social media accounts for compliance, reputation & student integrity so you can do your job with peace of mind.

Compliant & Ethical Athletic Social Media monitoring.

Varsity monitor helps student athletes uphold organizational standards and codes of conduct when athletes use social media with a state of the art software monitoring and education based solution so you can have peace of mind.

We actively monitor over 5000 athletic accounts every day

One athlete posting 4 times a day comes out to 1460 posts a year. Multiply that by your whole roster and it would be impossible to effectively monitor without a solution. 

Institutions, coaches, and athletes have all been impacted by social media. Posts written without consideration have lost scholarships, jobs and damaged reputations along with many other unfortunate results from the fallout.

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Students still make mistakes

Although social media is used everyday, there are constant stories of students making bad choices on social media.

Having a compliant, ethical way to help students use social media more effectively is good for everyone involved. Learn more about how we can help your students be good citizens on social media.

Our Solutions


This service includes real-time monitoring of athlete’s social media accounts, using both automated and manual analysis to watch for inappropriate, illegal, or unethical content.

When inappropriate content is discovered, both the administrators and coaches will be notified. We work directly with you to match our monitoring service with your internal policies.


Varsity Monitors proprietary technology is used to correlate information across the social web and other third party sources. We use it to uncover possible compliance issues as well as identify fake or imposter user accounts. When our service does uncover irregularities, we immediately share this information with coaches and administrators providing insight into possible compliance or reputation issues before it’s too late.


Varsity Monitor helps your organization establish a social media code of conduct with education for your athlete’s and department heads on social media best practices. We offer on-site training and social media policy development to help your organization establish a best in class social media policy and training program that will educate and empower your athletes to properly use social media in keeping with your policies.

Trusted By leading athletic departments and professional organizations.

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Let us be your partner in Social Media Peace of Mind

  • NCAA Compliant monitoring
  • Non Invasive – We respect athlete privacy
  • Save Time – Easy and quick to use

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